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Implementing In-Building Cellular Wireless Can Help Ensure HIPAA Compliance

By allowing contractors to tap into your Wi-Fi network, are you inadvertently putting patients’ confidential information at risk? Many healthcare facilities may not have even considered the HIPAA-compliance risk that this can pose to organizations, but the risk is real.

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Green Mountain Communications Upgrades the Town of Jaffrey's Wireless Communications Network to Support Mission-Critical Utility

Located in Cheshire County, in the southwestern part of New Hampshire, the town of Jaffrey has a population of approximately 5,500 residents. With a trained labor force, modern municipal infrastructure, and an abundance of natural beauty, Jaffrey has a lot to offer residents, businesses, and vacationers. The Public Works Department provides a wide range of vital community services to residents including maintaining the roads during winter, processing solid waste, delivering safe drinking water, and treating wastewater.

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Change is Coming for Emergency Responders - FirstNet and Your Jurisdiction

Across the country, millions of first responders serve the public every day risking their lives to serve and protect. FirstNet is a nationwide public safety broadband network designed to provide them with the technology and ability to collaborate on a whole new level.

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