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Become More Open and Flexible in Office Spaces

Posted by Green Mountain on April 13,2018

To successfully rent to business owners and office managers, you have to supply a space they have been searching for. This starts with understanding one of the latest trends in office space layout - open work spaces. This concept is more than just a floor plan. It offers increased productivity, fabulous aesthetics, and a modern touch that makes millennials swoon. In other words, it is exactly what most modern day office renters are looking for. Nail down this concept of an open office space along with the must-have amenities that create a flexible work area that is perfect for corporate renters.

Designing More Than Just a Floor Plan

Envision a work area without borders between workers. This is an open office space. No cubicles, no separate offices, no need for more than one, maybe two, doors in the entire space. For property managers this reduces the need to provide, update, and maintain physical aspects of the property. For businesses who are renting this space, it opens up the floodgates for a bevy of benefits. Here are a few of the key selling points of an open space floor plan:

  • It is cheaper to create and therefore cheaper to repair or upgrade.
  • This planned space functions extremely well for a fluctuating, growing or constantly changing work team.
  • It is easier on the eyes thanks to increased natural light flow, which also reduces utility costs for electrical services.
  • It increases the air flow in the space, another utility cost savings perk.
  • Open space work areas offer a busier appearance among workers, which stimulates even more busyness.

These benefits are substantial, yet one of the top reasons that businesses want an open space floor plan is communication. It simply creates more conducive communication when there is a literal breaking down of barriers. This allows employees to connect with each other by simply waving, speaking aloud, or walking over to their work area. Assistants can share information with managers who are accessible by team members and vice versa throughout the day. Easier communication equates to getting more done in rapid time. Of course, there is the spillover effect, as noted by Bloomberg, a notion that high productive employees can stimulate productivity in low-energy workers, which is another plus.

Offering Flexible Services for Workers

As you can imagine business leaders and managers want more than just a freeing floor plan that is conducive to productivity. In this globalized world we live in, business owners understand what is available to them to make their businesses work more efficiently. Millennials, ages 18 to 34 and the world's largest workforce, is dependent on mobile devices for work and communication. Specifically this age cohort is depending on laptop computers far more frequently than desktop computers. The Pew Research Center notes 70 percent of millennials own a laptop, while only 57 percent have a desktop. Furthermore, the majority of millennials are using their cell phones for sending email and going onto the internet rather than depending on any type of computer.

In order to stay ahead of the competition with flexible services that accommodate to millennials, include the following tech in a rented office space:

  • High-speed broadband internet
  • Integrated wired and wireless communications
  • Easy access to public transportation
  • Large windows to increase natural light flow, as well as productivity
  • Location in an urban center near other major business hubs
  • Superior IT infrastructure

Including these services on an amenities list increases the value of a business rental property, period. In fact, without these expected services most businesses will just move on to the next possible rental property.

Maintaining Modern Day Services

Providing these amenities is only part of the puzzle. You’ve also got to have a way of up-keeping and managing such assets. For example, with integrated wired and wireless communications Green Mountain Communications offers end-to-end solutions customized for each tenants’ needs. They also offer IT infrastructure for the most advanced industries on the market. By partnering with service providers that you trust you can better manage your tenants in their open workspace. You are able to offer a well-rounded rental opportunity that will attract smart business owners and management teams.

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