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Could we leverage any existing cable infrastructure to conserve on the cost?

Posted by Green Mountain on August 03,2015

The reason that’s a really good question is that a large part of the total cost of an In-Building Cellular Wireless system is the labor and material to actually install the fiber optic and the coax cable throughout the building.

If we can catch the customer at the right time, and they happen to be implementing let’s say a fiber optic system for their Wi-Fi or their data network, then we can structure it in such a way that it can also accommodate In-Building Cellular Wireless antennas and that’s a great savings to the customer because if they implement the In-Building Cellular Wireless system six months after that then they could be duplicating some of that infrastructure.

So we like to find out where they are in the lifecycle of their other systems within the building to see if we can leverage those existing cable infrastructures for the In-Building Cellular Wireless system.

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