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Get Eco-Friendly with Renting Green Office Spaces

Posted by Green Mountain on April 20,2018

Architectural details of the Convention Center in Baltimore, Maryland..jpegGreen offices are great, here’s why. They allow you to help save the environment. More importantly, they allow commercial renters to increase property values. Increased property values mean increased revenue. However, some modern day aspects of a green building must be accounted for, namely wireless coverage, before rentals are worth the extra money. Discover how you can improve profits with Energy Star and LEED Certified buildings that offer top of the line internet and communications technologies.

LEED and Energy Star Offices

Buildings that are designated for green offices, or more specifically as a LEED Certified building, can be worth more in the future. You will spend a greater amount during the design and construction phase on higher end materials. In doing so, you reduce maintenance and repair costs, while also offering a more profitable rental property. Here’s what you need to know about getting LEED Certified or Energy Star certified.

A LEED Certified building refers to one constructed according to the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design that focused on green buildings. Any building can be certified as LEED according to four ratings; LEED Certified, Silver, Gold, or Platinum. LEED buildings use less water and energy and produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions. More importantly, LEED apartments and offices save money for the owners and the property management companies.

An Energy Star building focuses on the energy use of that space. You can find Energy Star certified appliances and windows that help you maintain an Energy Star certifiable score. The EPA is in control of the Energy Star program. To sign up, consult with a licensed engineer or a registered architect and fill out the proper paperwork for certification.

According to Construction Dive, numbers indicate that LEED-certified green buildings are worth 3.7 percent more in rent, as well as a 4 percent increase in occupancy rates. Those that are Energy Star-certified are worth 2.7 percent more in rent with a 9.5 percent greater number of occupancy. Having either a LEED or Energy Star certification increases the value of a property by up to 10 percent.

By designing more eco-friendly spaces, this is supplying a market demand of consumers and businesses interested in going green. It is also reducing expenses, such as with reduced electrical and water use, of maintaining such a property. Therefore, renters can both increase the rent of green offices, while benefiting from a reduced cost of upkeep. It’s a terrific benefit for the renter of these buildings.

Downside to Going Green

As with any construction move you have to take the negatives with the positives. For LEED or Energy Star buildings, you are faced with different types of building materials. More dense construction materials are used to maintain efficiencies. As a result, these buildings have decreased cellular coverage including wireless internet capabilities. Being unable to stay logged online when walking through a workspace, or having dropped calls in several areas throughout the office, are bad selling points. In the business world, even the greenest offices required constant connectivity.

Integrated Wireless Systems

Work with a local wireless provider, such as Green Mountain Communications, to increase communication access in your green office space. At Green Mountain you will find solutions for specialized industries including healthcare, government, enterprise, and education. We are experts in handling technological processes using an array of methods and software. Furthermore, we will improve the wireless connectivity in your green office, even in an LEED certified building.

Green Mountain Communications offers integrated wireless systems that lets you offer LEED certified buildings with top of the line wireless connectivity. You can increase your rent percentages by offering a well-connected Energy Star or LEED Certified building. Your rental property is moving in the right direction for the environment, and your tenants are well connected to the internet and communications technology. More importantly, you have happy, long term tenants living in green offices that are healthier for them and the environment. Sure, you’re saving money, but you are also saving the planet with green offices.

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