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Green Mountain Communications and Cheshire County Sheriff's Office Partner to Upgrade Dispatch Console

Posted by Green Mountain on April 20,2017

2013cruiser.jpgThe Cheshire County (NH) Sheriff's Office operates at 24/7/365 public safety dispatch center to reposition law enforcement as circumstances arise for most of the 23 towns in the county. The dispatch center processes service calls generated through New Hampshire's E-911 system, as well as the routine, priority, and emergency operational requests for law enforcement throughout the county on a minute-by- minute basis. This mostly rural county has many areas where commercial communications via cell phone or broadband are poor or non-existent. For dependable communications, Cheshire County relies heavily and, in some areas, completely on its land mobile radio infrastructure to deliver and receive its critical and necessary information.


Communications Director Arlene Crowell, who is responsible for the communications system at the Sheriff’s Office, wanted to migrate the current system to an all-IP operation. She turned to Green Mountain Communications with the challenge of upgrading the 15-year-old Motorola Gold Elite console to a Motorola IP console system. The move had to be made with minimal downtime so that there would be no degradation of call support during the service window.


The existing Motorola console system relied on an older communications protocol that was not scalable when new locations needed to be added and the manufacturer no longer supported the system hardware. The console system had to be IP-compatible so that additional locations could be tied into the main location over almost any communications system. Cheshire County requested that Green Mountain Communications recommend a solution.


Green Mountain recommended the Motorola MCC 7500 IP Dispatch Console. The system offered dispatchers integration capabilities to reach across multiple applications and resources for enhanced response coordination. A highly intuitive interface increased ease of use for organizing resources, coordinating a response and communicating valuable information. Another attractive feature of the new console system was the ability to expand to a fixed back-up location, as well as be the County's mobile command post. The system was compatible with the existing county radio network so that dispatchers would stay connected to those in the field with best-in- class audio quality. Additionally, flexible servicing and installation on a software-based platform made deployment affordable. The Sheriff’s Office has plans to take advantage of the expansion capability in the future with the help of Green Mountain Communications.


Green Mountain Communications completed the installation in two hours. During that two-hour window, the customer was able to utilize a back-up plan designed by Green Mountain Communications which resulted in virtually no downtime for land mobile radio communications. The back-up plan consisted of deploying the County's mobile command post and configuring repeaters so that all radio traffic was controlled by that command post. Dispatchers were up and running on the new system quickly and seamlessly.


The Cheshire County Sheriff's Office now has a radio communications console system that uses industry standard IP networking to connect sites and stations. The system is highly scalable so that when the mobile command post needs to be deployed during an emergency or if the main location becomes disabled, a remote dispatch location can be set up in minutes and connected to the system over any communications medium that supports IP (cellular, microwave, satellite, etc.). In addition, the new console system is expandable to over 20 positions. The user interface is highly intuitive which makes training new dispatchers far easier.


“Green Mountain handled this complex installation with a great deal of professionalism and expertise. I appreciated how they worked with the Sheri ’s o ce to establish a thorough pre-installation plan and executed the cutover in the time frame we expected.” - Arlene Crowell, Communications Director

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