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Green Mountain Communications Upgrades the Town of Jaffrey's Wireless Communications Network to Support Mission-Critical Utility

Posted by Green Mountain on August 16,2017

JaffreyLibrary.jpgLocated in Cheshire County, in the southwestern part of New Hampshire, the town of Jaffrey has a population of approximately 5,500 residents. With a trained labor force, modern municipal infrastructure, and an abundance of natural beauty, Jaffrey has a lot to offer residents, businesses, and vacationers. The Public Works Department provides a wide range of vital community services to residents including maintaining the roads during winter, processing solid waste, delivering safe drinking water, and treating wastewater.


The Jaffrey Department of Public Works owns and operates a monitoring system that collects critical data about the equipment and facility that provides safe drinking water to residents and businesses. The town wanted to partner with an experienced integrator who would implement new modems for the system within the budget allocated while minimizing the downtime to this critical facility due to the much-needed upgrade.


The wireless modem equipment had reached end-of-life and needed to be replaced with state-of-the-art wireless modems that supported the FCC mandate for narrow banding. The town water system consisted of six facilities, each of which required a new wireless modem and antenna. Due to the specialized nature of the work, the town issued an RFP seeking an integrator with experience implementing wireless telemetry networks for mission critical applications.


Green Mountain Communications was selected to supply new wireless modems and install new antennas if necessary. In addition, Green Mountain was responsible for testing the new modems to ensure compatibility with the existing system infrastructure and accurate reporting of critical data to the Master Site, as well as to update the town’s FCC filing to reflect the new system.


The Town of Jaffrey had a seamless transition from their old modem system to the new wireless modem system with minimal downtime or interruption of service. Green Mountain coordinated the installations at each site with the town’s Water Department and performed the work in such a way that operations were never impacted beyond the expected, normal downtime associated with an equipment swap out.


An FCC-compliant wireless system now serves as the communications backbone for the Town of Jaffrey’s critical water supply operations. The town has peace of mind knowing their system will operate as designed in a harsh outdoor environment.


We found the Green Mountain team a pleasure to work with. Their installation crews were very professional and the modem installation project was executed exactly as planned.” - Tom Lambert, Water Foreman, Town of Jaffrey Water Department.

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