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How long does it take to install an In-Building Cellular Wireless system?

Posted by Green Mountain on August 03,2015

At a high level, think of the actual physical installation of the In-Building Cellular Wireless system as if you’re installing a couple of network switches and running some cable to connect them. Depending on the condition and size of the building into which we are going and if there are any restrictions on when we can work, the installation can be accomplished in a short period of time.

The tricky part of these installations is typically working with the carrier to get their approval and to figure out how we’re going to get the signal into the building. Will they bring in one of their base stations or can we put an antenna on the top of the building and capture the signal from the outside? Those are the factors that usually take the longest to complete and affect the total installation time of the In-Building Cellular Wireless system.

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