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How the NATE STAR Initiative is Improving Tower Climber Safety

Posted by Green Mountain on May 29,2015

The National Association of Tower Erectors (NATE) developed the NATE STAR Initiative program to improve tower climber safety, education, and programs for companies throughout the wireless industry. In its fourth year, the NATE STAR Initiative has reached a record high for program enrollment with 134 participating member companies. The program works to help companies operate under best safety practices for tower climbers and recognize those that adhere to a higher level of safety standards while on the job. NATE’s ultimate goal is to ensure tower climbers make it home safely at the end of each day.

With a focus on safety, training, accountability, and reliability (STAR), the NATE STAR Initiative requires participating companies to commit to different levels of safety training, site safety audits, and the implementation of safety programs that help workers adhere to industry best practices. To assist with safety training, NATE STAR companies receive helpful discounts on training courses which are offered on the NATE EXCHANGE, an online platform that offers the most up-to-date safety training courses in the industry.

Here are the ways companies benefit from being a NATE STAR Initiative member:

Safety Training

NATE STAR requires member companies to participate in a certain amount of training to help ensure higher standards of safety are met while on the job. For all personnel that will be working on a tower site, it is required to attend a tower-related OSHA 10-hour training or its equivalent. For all personnel operating as a supervisor or competent person on a job site, it is required to attend an OSHA 30-hour training or its equivalent.

Additionally, all personnel need to be trained in fall protection if they are working at heights of six feet or more above the ground. This fall protection training needs to meet or exceed the NATE Tower Climber Fall Protection Training Standard (NATE CTS) in order to comply with the NATE STAR Initiative. It is critical that companies have a 100% tie-off commitment to protect tower workers while on the job.

Safety Audits

The NATE STAR Initiative requires regular site safety audits to be performed by participating companies before being submitted to the NATE office to help in the continuance of tower safety best practices that exceed the standards of excellence. Companies will be responsible for completing a site safety audit form that includes a comprehensive checklist that aims to enhance the safety on tower sites in ten important areas. These ten safety areas are defined by the Advisory Committee on Construction Safety & Health (ACCSH) with guidance from NATE. The site safety audits required by NATE STAR must be conducted each quarter.

Safety Programs

In addition to safety training and safety audits, NATE STAR requires companies to implement a safety and health program that meets or exceeds the standards of site safety as defined by the Fourth Edition of the NATE Accident Prevention, Safety & Health Program Guide. These safety programs are meant to elevate the level of awareness of safety on all job sites and help minimize and eliminate accidents. Additionally, it is required that a competent representative for safety and health be present on every job site at all times.

Green Mountain has been a NATE STAR Initiative program member since 2011 and prides itself on maintaining a safe work environment through continual safety training and awareness. For more information about the NATE Star Initiative, visit www.natehome.com/safety-education/nate-star-initiative.

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