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In what section of the building do we need the most coverage?

Posted by Green Mountain on August 03,2015

We ask that question because we want to know where in the building would be the ideal place to concentrate antennas. We find that out obviously by doing an RF survey we’ll know what sections of the building already have good signal and which do not.

But I’ll give you an example, we had one customer that had an auditorium and they had roughly 3,000 employees, and there were two, three times a year where all 3,000 employees in that auditorium.

So under normal circumstances perhaps it wouldn’t justify more than one or two antennas but because we know that there is going to be a dense group of people in there a few times a year all using their mobile devices to record, you know download, obviously going to be working during that session you want to make sure you have adequate capacity in that part of the building.

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