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People Won't Live or Work Where They Can't Text

Posted by Green Mountain on March 30,2018


Most Americans treat their mobile phones like an extra appendage. According to Pew Research, 92 percent of adults have cell phones. Out of cell phone owners, nine out of ten people admit that they usually or almost always have their phones with them. When Pew divided up their results by age, they found that people between 30 and 49 were much more likely to admit keeping their mobile or smart phone with them at all times.

Buildings and Problems With Cell Phone Connectivity

If people want to keep their phones with them when they leave home, it's safe to say they want those phones to work when they are at work or when they stay home. This presents building developers with a problem. A New York Times article described the issue of new buildings with reinforced steel, thick concrete, and low-emissions glass. Developers build these strong and safe buildings, and then they find that these materials block phone signals.

Today, many potential tenants actually consider how many bars they see on their phone before they decide to rent. If people can't enjoy good reception, they move on to another building. In an age when building tenants think of connectivity as a basic utility, this problem can drive people out.

Companies like Green Mountain Communications can deliver solutions to these buildings in order to restore both wired and wireless connectivity. This page describes Green Mountain connectivity solutions. Developers might call in Green Mountain to deliver connectivity to new buildings before they bring in tenants. In other cases, property owners will call the company to enhance connectivity to older buildings. In either case, landlords and owners are relieved to find a solution.

Enhancing Wireless and Wired Connectivity in Buildings

Communications companies can install in-house wireless networks to help ensure that tenants can use their devices in all areas of a building. These improvements might include the use of fiber cables, antennas, or both to connect building users to their own communications providers. Since it's usually impossible to control which providers the building tenants use, the communications company has to make sure that they can deliver a connection to all providers.

Naturally, companies and their employees also expect connectivity within office buildings and common areas. Communications companies don't just limit their solutions to apartment complexes and other kinds of buildings. This article describes a Green Mountain project that delivered wireless reception to a hospital. This project needed to provide good reception for visitors and medical staff but only cover certain parts of the hospital, so it did not interfere with parts of the building that already had good reception or interfere with certain medical equipment.

The Importance of Phone Reception in Buildings Today

Younger adults, often call Millennials, almost universally demand great cell phone reception where they live and where they work. A building that cannot deliver this reception could become as unattractive as a building that can't deliver electric lights or clean water for tenants. Building walls that block signals won't attract today's residents or companies.

Building owners like green and LEED certified construction; however, they may not realize the wireless challenges those techniques present.

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