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Point-to-Point Networking Solutions: A Cost-Effective Replacement for T1 Lines

Posted by Green Mountain on May 16,2018

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In most organizations, the need for fast, secure, and reliable network services is only growing. As major telecommunications firms like Verizon and Frontier work to phase out their T1 services, local governments, hospitals, and higher education institutions will need to find another solution that meets their ongoing needs effectively. There are some options; governments and institutions that rely on T1 could migrate to more costly Ethernet services or could build private fiber networks.
Another more cost-effective option is to use fast, secure wireless point-to-point solutions to extend enterprise networks. Point-to-point wireless solutions take advantage of FCC licensed and license exempt frequencies to extend the enterprise network to buildings or locations over a very reliable, highly secure private communications link. Point-to-point wireless solutions cost far less than private fiber, and carrier Ethernet services. In many cases systems can be installed in a matter of days or weeks compared to the months it can take to construct fiber.

Potential Applications of Point-to-Point Solutions

Wireless point-to-point can be a great alternative to using private fiber networking for a variety of needs, including networking video surveillance cameras and remote monitoring equipment to make government offices, medical facilities, and college campuses more secure.

Medical Clinics and Facilities

Hospitals and medical facilities can benefit from point-to-point connectivity in several other ways too. Medical clinics are continuing to spring up in suburban and rural areas, in an effort to bring care to where patients are located. This is a win for patients who don’t need to travel to the hospital’s main campus for consultations or diagnostic testing like MRIs and X-rays. To be most effective though, these remote clinics need to have the full range of communications networking capabilities as the main campus.

Many institutions have turned to major telecommunications carriers to install costly Ethernet services to connect their clinics, at a monthly cost that can exceed $5,000. Using secure, carrier-grade wireless point-to-point networking solutions would be a more cost-effective answer, with the ability to deliver hundreds of megabytes of capacity. This connectivity would mean remote clinics could remain connected to the hospital’s main campus while achieving return on investment in just months – without the monthly fees.

Higher Education

Public and private colleges and universities face challenges similar to remote medical clinics, in that they often have multiple buildings that need to be part of the campus-wide IP network. Applications using the IP network can include WiFi, VoIP, video surveillance and more.

University or college administrators deciding how to extend these needed services to new buildings on campus or to off-campus satellite locations may think their only options are to build a private fiber network or to rely on expensive carrier Ethernet services.

There is another option, though. Secure, carrier-grade point-to-point networking solutions can help by providing the reliability and bandwidth educational institutions need to connect all of their campus buildings and remote locations – without the hefty price tag that can come with private fiber or carrier Ethernet services.

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