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Point-to-Point Networking Solutions: A Cost-Effective Replacement for T1 Lines

In most organizations, the need for fast, secure, and reliable network services is only growing. As major telecommunications firms like Verizon and Frontier work to phase out their T1 services, local governments, hospitals, and higher education institutions will need to find another solution that meets their ongoing needs effectively. There are some options; governments and institutions that rely on T1 could migrate to more costly Ethernet services or could build private fiber networks.
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During an On-Campus Emergency, Two-Way Radios Keep Students and Staff Safe and Connected

In the wake of a recent spike in violence in U.S. schools and an 80% violence expectancy rate out of 83,000 surveyed K-12 institutions, school administrators at public and private schools (K-12 through College) are understandably reevaluating their emergency response and emergency communications protocols. With 99% of educators reporting a safe, secure environment as their top priority, effective, reliable communications during critical incidents are a major concern.

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Two-Way Digital Radio Technology Offers Educators a U.S. DOT-Approved Communications Solution

When you need to contact a specific student on a campus, redirect a vehicle to a new location, or make sure your fleet is arriving on time, two-way radio technology gets the job done. Cell phone use by bus drivers violates the Federal Motor Safety Administration (FMSCA) and Department of Transportation (DOT) distracted driving laws that ban reaching, holding, or dialing a cell phone while operating a commercial motor vehicle.

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