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Green Mountain Communications Upgrades the Town of Jaffrey's Wireless Communications Network to Support Mission-Critical Utility

Located in Cheshire County, in the southwestern part of New Hampshire, the town of Jaffrey has a population of approximately 5,500 residents. With a trained labor force, modern municipal infrastructure, and an abundance of natural beauty, Jaffrey has a lot to offer residents, businesses, and vacationers. The Public Works Department provides a wide range of vital community services to residents including maintaining the roads during winter, processing solid waste, delivering safe drinking water, and treating wastewater.

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Change is Coming for Emergency Responders - FirstNet and Your Jurisdiction

Across the country, millions of first responders serve the public every day risking their lives to serve and protect. FirstNet is a nationwide public safety broadband network designed to provide them with the technology and ability to collaborate on a whole new level.

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Green Mountain Communications and Cheshire County Sheriff's Office Partner to Upgrade Dispatch Console

The Cheshire County (NH) Sheriff's Office operates at 24/7/365 public safety dispatch center to reposition law enforcement as circumstances arise for most of the 23 towns in the county. The dispatch center processes service calls generated through New Hampshire's E-911 system, as well as the routine, priority, and emergency operational requests for law enforcement throughout the county on a minute-by- minute basis. This mostly rural county has many areas where commercial communications via cell phone or broadband are poor or non-existent. For dependable communications, Cheshire County relies heavily and, in some areas, completely on its land mobile radio infrastructure to deliver and receive its critical and necessary information.

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