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VIDEO ANSWERS TO THE TOP QUESTIONS on In-Building Cellular Wireless Solutions

With so many options available for In-Building Cellular Wireless Solutions, how do you know where to begin? How do you determine if all of your components are compatible? How do you make the right choices?

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Get Eco-Friendly with Renting Green Office Spaces

Green offices are great, here’s why. They allow you to help save the environment. More importantly, they allow commercial renters to increase property values. Increased property values mean increased revenue. However, some modern day aspects of a green building must be accounted for, namely wireless coverage, before rentals are worth the extra money. Discover how you can improve profits with Energy Star and LEED Certified buildings that offer top of the line internet and communications technologies.

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Become More Open and Flexible in Office Spaces

To successfully rent to business owners and office managers, you have to supply a space they have been searching for. This starts with understanding one of the latest trends in office space layout—open work spaces. This concept is more than just a floor plan. It offers increased productivity, fabulous aesthetics, and a modern touch that makes millennials swoon. In other words, it is exactly what most modern day office renters are looking for. Nail down this concept of an open office space along with the must-have amenities that create a flexible work area that is perfect for corporate renters.

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