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Which cellular carriers will an In-Building Cellular Wireless system support?


Reliable In-Building Cellular Wireless systems today will support a wide range of carrier frequencies. For example, if you were only interested in voice, we could seamlessly implement a system that will give you the frequencies from the major carriers that are used for voice communications. At any point, should you decide to implement LTE (long term evolution) or 4G coverage, we can assist you in creating your custom communication service.

Learn 6 Critical Steps to Implementing an Enterprise In-Building Wireless Solution

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How do you educate your customers?

We certainly can help a customer, let’s face it this terminology if you’re not familiar with it can be very confusing, and even for customers that are technical with voice over IP or computer networking have never dealt with Distributed Antenna Systems and carrier cellular signals before.

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Who provides the support for In-Building Cellular Wireless systems?

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