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What are the benefits of In-Building Cellular Wireless systems for the health care industry?

Posted by Green Mountain on August 03,2015

There are many benefits of In-Building Cellular Wireless systems for a hospital. Hospitals are in the business of attracting high-quality doctors into their facility to perform services; this is one way they generate revenue.

And because the doctors don’t necessarily work for the hospital, the hospital wants to make sure there is an environment that is conducive for the doctor to conduct business.

Doctors like to use their mobile devices to communicate with their office and with patients on a daily. There are specific healthcare applications that are being used on mobile devices, not just phones but tablets, where doctors can communicate with remote clinics to view images, healthcare records and MRIs. If the right cellular infrastructure is not in place in the hospital, then those doctors are certainly going to be less likely to use that hospital to perform their medical services resulting in potential lost revenue for the hospital.

From the perspective of the patient, hospitals want to have an environment for their patients that is friendly, and they want the patients to have the ability to have the same services that are available to them when they’re not in the hospital.

So if I’m there for a two or three-day stay, then I want to be able to use my cell phone to communicate with my family members. I want to be able to bring my tablet in and do my work that I’m usually able to do when I’m not there. Hospitals also want the family members of patients who are waiting for their loved one to come out of surgery to be able to communicate with other family members and let them know what’s going on.

So it’s providing services for patients and also making sure there is an environment conducive for the doctors to do business.

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