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What are the components of an In-Building Cellular Wireless system?

Posted by Green Mountain on August 03,2015

There are several components of every DAS system that are…that will…that every DAS system will have in common. First is the carrier signal, the cellular signal from the carrier that’s gonna be delivered to your building in one of two ways, you’re either gonna put an antennae on top of the building to capture the signal and bring it into an amplifier inside the building, or if it’s a large enough venue or big enough building for the carrier they’ll actually put their base station inside the building to inject the signal into the DAS. So that’s the first and primary component of the DAS system.

Then from there you have what’s called the headend equipment, which is the device, it’s usually the size of a chassis based switch, and that’s what conditions the carrier signal and converts it from RF onto fiber and then sends it out into the building.

Then depending on the size of your building you might have what’s called a remote unit, on a second floor or a fourth floor that takes that RF over fiber and brings it over to the coax and distributes it to the individual antennas that are in the building.

And of course you have the infrastructure, the fiber and the coax cable that goes from the headend and the remote units out to the individual antennas.

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