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What is the business value and positive impact of an In-Building Cellular Wireless Solution?

Posted by Green Mountain on August 03,2015

The business value and business impact of an In-Building Cellular Wireless Solution depends on the industry. For example, in hospitality, the business impact of having an In-Building Cellular Wireless Solution is that your venue is more attractive to potential visitors.

If you are running a hotel, without good cellular coverage you’re not going to have very many repeat customers coming back to stay at your hotel. In the university example having a strong cellular signal distributed around the campus is almost table stakes for attracting students to come to your school.

Can you imagine telling an 18-year-old student that is checking into your school for the first time and his or her cell phone doesn't work in the library, or their tablets won’t work in the dorm rooms? If they knew that was going to happen, then they probably wouldn’t be applying to your university.

Consider this example in the business world. Imagine a stockbroker working in a high-rise building in Manhattan who isn’t able to make a call to a client with a hot stock tip during the business day. Unacceptable.

This is now the case with any industry. Everyone in today's economy has at least four or five good reasons why they must have access to mobile applications; voice, text, and industry-specific applications are all critical in today's world.

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