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What is your overall approach to implementing an In-Building Cellular Wireless system?

Posted by Green Mountain on August 03,2015

In-Building Cellular Wireless systems all generally work very well if they’re implemented properly. So the key to a successful experience for our customers is to have the initial design and subsequent optimization of the system done properly.

Without those two things the system won’t meet the carrier spec and it won’t deliver the results that the customer is paying for. So at Green Mountain we’ve invested a lot in the tools and personnel that have allowed us to build a team of design engineers that use iBwave software to do the initial design, RF design, for the building.

We have the tools and the experience to be able to do the benchmarking and detect the carrier’s signals that are present in the location and determine where they need to be enhanced and where they don’t need enhanced.

And we have the optimization tools and the software to do the post processing after the system has been installed to determine if it is actually delivering the RF performance that we designed it to deliver and if not what kind of enhancements or tweaks need to be made to the system.

And the third most important component is that the In-Building Cellular Wireless vendor really needs to have a good relationship with the local carrier RF design people because at the end of the day we’re reusing their frequencies, they have to sign off on that.

They have to be ok with the design you’ve implemented, and each has its own way of wanting to see that data represented so we have to capture the data and report it back to the carrier in the format that they like.

So when choosing an In-Building Cellular Wireless vendor you should choose someone who has had that experience, knows the local RF design teams and has worked with them in the past.

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