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Who needs an In-Building Cellular Wireless System?

Posted by Green Mountain on August 03,2015

The organizations that we most commonly see implementing In-Building Cellular Wireless systems today are typically large venues like stadiums, universities, and shopping malls. In these areas, there are several people all wanting access to their streaming music, data, video, and online applications. Today, mission-critical applications are becoming incredibly ubiquitous on mobile devices which are causingIn-Building Cellular Wireless systems to move into traditional industries like hospitality.

Can you imagine checking into a hotel today and not having reliable cellular coverage? You would likely not go back there anytime soon.

Another example is hospitals. It is imperative for a hospital to make sure that people who are visiting patients in the hospital can communicate to their family members and share how their loved one is doing. Providing an excellent customer experience is vital in the healthcare industry.

We are also seeing In-Building Cellular Wireless systems in high-tech industries where the workers are going to be very reliant on mobile devices; more so, perhaps, than other sectors. High-tech is a very fast growing market segment for In-Building Cellular Wireless systems right now.

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